A commitment to innovation & simplicity

Tyrone Ellis’s featured works throughout the years of his time studying architecture, from early studies to present…

A passion for creating reality

I believe there is real value in creating something out of nothing. Even if it is just on paper; even if it never sees the light of day. To create is one of the greatest gifts we have been given. Whether the idea is mine, or someone else’s, to build these ideas into something people can see and express has become a passion…

It All Started When…

I was only about 14 years old when my Grandmother proclaimed “You want to work with your brain, not your back…” Ever since then, I’ve found most of my passions rooted in Architecture and followed that path.

Being a Part of the Dream

There is a certain satisfaction about taking someone’s idea and making it into a project that you can see. It begs for more ideas, and expands into something tangible. The endless possibilities are excitement alone, even if a project is purely conceptual.

Utilizing Resources

Technology keeps us all on our toes. There are always new ways of doing tasks. There’s excitement in learning these resources and applying them, and even going as far as making them your own. From hand drafting to CAD to Revit. From 3D sketched to BIM to Lumion Renderings.

Career Direction

I’ve pursued Architecture since my Junior Year in High School in 2006. Now, in 2024, I aim to complete my licensure by finishing the rest of the Architectural Registration Exams (3 Down, 3 to Go)

To Learn is to Teach, & to Teach is to Learn

I’ve got a passion for educating. Both within my career as well as my community. On the same token, learning something new is just as important. You never waste a day when you learn something. So, I also have a passion for learning.

The Value of Time

Staying aware of making use of the time we have in our lifetime is extremely important in all aspects. The timelessness of an idea and creating it into something real with the intentions to either follow through or bring joy to others by sharing such ideas is a great way to make use of that time.

A Little Bit About A Lot…

I have experience in many different areas of Architecture. I have been lucky enough to be with a firm that emphasized learning the value of knowing a little bit about diverse applications. Knowing the basics of different Architectural styles and disciplines, mixed with knowing how to utilize your resources to fill in the blank, is a strong foundation for getting the job done right. Pun intended…

Early Works

  • From sketches to visuals.
  • Projects dating back to education career.
  • Assignments with case study guidelines.

From Imagination to Reality

  • Started as an idea, ended as a built project.
  • New projects as well as renovations.
  • Schematic Designs to Construction Administration.

Visualizing Concepts

  • Renderings of what could be.
  • Master Plans & Economic Development Concepts.
  • Not real yet, but realer than just an idea.

Abstract Art

  • There is art in Architecture.
  • There is Architecture in Art.
  • Creative ways of showing ones perspective.

“The more thought you give to an idea, the realer it can become. You never plant a seed and water it just once…”