Concept – Turtle Back Boardwalk – Asbury Park NJ

Concept – Case Study

Design Year: 2012
Institute: New Jersey Institute of Technology
Responsibilities: Student Design
Primary Applications Used: Autodesk Revit 2010 & AutoCAD 2010

“The turtle is a sacred symbol to my culture. Lenape people have three major clans; Wolf, Turkey, and Turtle. Additionally, we call these lands “Turtle Island”, because origin stories suggest that Mother Earth formed on the back of a Turtle. Hopefully my passion for this reflects here…”

Summary of Work: While considering the concept of aging in place and rising tides throughout the years, students were asked to design an extension to the the boardwalk in Asbury Park, offering a variety of program consisting of both interior and exterior space. My personal concept revolved around that of a Turtle; its protective shell being durable in both land and sea. How could this be made functional….

Client Needs:

  • Extend the existing conditions of the Boardwalk
  • Include research spaces as well as recreational spaces

Project Challenges:

  • The water levels are expected to rise dramatically within the next couple of decades
  • Translating concept into something functional