Concept – Vortex – Stockholm Public Library

Concept – Case Study

Design Year: 2013
Institute: New Jersey Institute of Technology
Responsibilities: Final Project
Primary Applications Used: Autodesk Revit 2010

“This was the final project of my educational career. It had a very extensive exposure level, as it had forced students to think outside of the conditions we were used to at the time, such as solar hours, since the project site was located in a different country.”

Summary of Work: The task of this project was to create an adjacent supportive space for the already existing Stockholm Public Library. We, as students, were encouraged to understand the conditions of a project outside of our country, as well as follow guidelines set by a competition that had been run years ago with the same primary focus. My version of this project focuses on integrating with the existing landscape adjacent to the site while emphasizing key views, frames, and site orientation.

Client Needs:

  • Adhere to programmatic needs
  • Create supplementary spaces to serve as existing library support
  • Compliment existing terrain

Project Challenges:

  • Unfamiliar conditions (Daylight, weather, culture)
  • Staying within limitations of competition guidelines
  • No ability to physically visit site