Sea Isle Deck Extension


Design Year: 2022
Institute: J.W. Pedersen Architects
Responsibilities: Lead Project Architect
Primary Applications Used: Autodesk Revit 2020

“Considering I hope to one day design my own beach house, working on this project had a bit of excitement to it.”

Summary of Work: Tenants of this space have discovered that they have a little more room they can work with at the rear of their building. The property line and set backs were further than originally thought. As such, after a fit-out design concludes at the interior, there was a need to extend the existing decks and provide new framing.

Client Needs:

  • Match existing aesthetic
  • Mirroring methods on both sides of the building

Project Issues:

  • Piles weren’t straight, making framing conditions non-uniform in some areas
  • Two separate tenants wanting two separate things