Concept – Abstract Component – Fibonacci Series


Design Year: 2008
Institute: New Jersey Institute of Technology
Responsibilities: Student Project
Primary Applications Used: n/a

“As a first year Architecture student, one of the primary focuses were to broaden our analytical senses.”

Summary of Work: The concept of this abstract piece was to analyze famous mathematical sequences and translate that into Architecture. I chose the Fibonacci Series, where each number was the sum of the previous two numbers. 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34, and so on.
Utilizing these numbers, (stopping at 21), I create combinations of masses to then be combined, using square dimensions of the first number and giving it the depth of the mirrored number. A 1x1x21, a 1x1x13, a 2x2x8, a 3x3x5, a 5x5x3, and so on…