Concept – Abstract Landscape – Man On A Train

Concept – Abstract Analysis

Design Year: 2008
Institute: New Jersey Institute of Technology
Responsibilities: Student Analysis
Primary Applications Used: Adobe Photoshop

“I actually have one painting that I had to analyze for a project back in my first year of college. It was one of those paintings that were in motion. I looked at it and translated it the way I saw it, but what I saw and what it was supposed to be weren’t the same. I couldn’t see the intentions of motion in the particular painting. My professor kind of downplayed me because I couldn’t see it. Til this day, 15 years later, I have it hung up on my wall, trying to see something different. Still don’t think I see it. It bothers me, yet intrigues & motivates me at the same time.”

Summary of Work: Students were to analyze a selected painting from a set of artworks from the Guggenheim in NY. This one was by Marcel Duchamp in 1911. It was a self portrait named A Sad Young Man on a Train. From these analysis we were supposed to begin a landscaping mock up for a park. We were to first analyze what we saw. So I took the painting, emphasized where stood out to me as defining lines. Then we did a physical abstract analysis of it. Then we were to translate that into something a bit more realistic in layers by simulating topography…

Client Needs:

  • Analyze and abstract artwork

Project Challenges:

  • Artwork Open to Interpretation