Concept – Oak Road Apts


Design Year: 2023
Institute: J.W. Pedersen Architects
Responsibilities: Primary Project Architect
Primary Applications Used: Autodesk Revit 2023, Rendering in Lumion

“This project utilized very similar footprints as Rivergrove Apartments, as this was by the same developer. We were attempting to ‘sell’ the idea. This gave me the opportunity to utilize Lumion, a rendering application that had favorable mechanics and results, and worked decently well with Revit.”

Summary of Work: A cul-de-sac style of site layout, capitalizing on how many units could fit on the property successfully. The floor plans utilized for the presentation were those utilized for Rivergrove Apts.

Client Needs:

  • Conceptual Renderings to ‘sell’ the idea

Project Challenges:

  • Local community assumed to not be in favor of the development