Vineland Veteran’s Memorial Home – Storage Renovation


Design Year: 2021-2023
Institute: J.W. Pedersen Architects
Responsibilities: Primary Project Architect
Primary Applications Used: Autodesk Revit 2020

“Who knew gutting out the interior of a space could be so tedious…”

Summary of Work: This project has underwent a number of additions and remodels in the past. Previously, it had been used as a kitchen space. It was now being turned into an open storage to support the on-site staff of the Memorial Home. However, it wasn’t as simple, as there were cooler boxes, hazardous materials, unneeded equipment, and so on, that made this simple goal very meticulous.

Client Needs:

  • Remove all unnecessary items
  • Replace flooring, doors, and other finishes affected by new work
  • Additional egress to follow code

Project Challenges:

  • Outdated material and equipment
  • Asbestos throughout the project
  • Previously installed items not installed properly
  • Existing not code compliant